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What is a Serious Game?

A Serious Game injects game-based learning techniques into non-game content. By adopting gameplay elements with an entertaining approach, there is a renewed incentive to learn by motivating learners through competition, discovery, challenges and rewards. Learners display far greater comprehension, retention, and exhibit positive changes in behavior due to the boost in confidence. One of the great benefits of a Serious Game is the immediate and personalized feedback the user receives as well as trainer analytics to gauge progress. 

Why a Serious Game?

Trainees learn essential skills by practicing and improving within a safe environment of a Serious Game. Rather than simply being taught “best practices”, learners will get to test different approaches and discover the consequences of choosing one direction over another. By the end of the course the trainee will have the confidence and ability to put these skills into practice in a real situation.


Education through Gameplay



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Game-based Learning

Infuse game-based principles into your training curriculum. We work independently or closely with your training team to develop a custom Serious Game for your company.


We specialize in creating realistic looking Serious Games and Simulations for Training purposes

Virtual & Augmented Reality

Take your Serious Game to the next level by incorporating full immersive Virtual Reality. Use Augmented Reality as an overlay of feedback to help direct trainees and warn them of incorrect practices.


By age 18, 90% will have played games. Thats an average of over 10,000 hours

Became the largest job force as of 2016*

Over 66% of the US population plays games**

* Pew Research Center analysis of monthly 1994 and 2017 current population survey (IPUMS) 

**Neilsen Games, "Games 360 US Report", 2018




Serious Game

HVAC Training

Skilled Work

HVAC training within a Serious Game or Simulation can drastically increase Trainee comprehension especially for critical components. A Trainee can work on a variety of HVAC systems rather than 1-2 on-site systems.


Serious Game

Electrical Training

Skilled Work

Electrical training can be confusing and overwhelming for new recruits. It is difficult, costly and dangerous to show a Trainee electrical mistakes in the real world. However, simulations provide a way to discover these errors in a controlled safe environment. Trainees can progress at their own pace gaining confidence to enter the workforce in a safe manner.


Serious Game

Plumbing Training

Skilled Work

Plumbing Training can be dangerous to master without practical experience. Though on-site training can show the Trainee the correct way to master the trade, a Serious Game  provides scenarios where Trainees can learn from their mistakes in a realistic and safe environment.

Learn All About the Advantages that Our System Has to Offer

Personalize Your Experience

Augment your current training curriculum with a custom Serious Game and Simulation. We take the time to develop these tools based on your objectives and brand them with your company logo. Each company has their own unique set of requirements therefore we believe in customization over generic solutions. 

Training for the Trades

There is no substitute for practical experience. However, 24 hr access is not possible for these type of trades. Studies show that trainees learn faster and build more confidence through repetition. Access to realistic simulations and training material enveloped with gameplay mechanics increase the success rate for your trainees. For high risk jobs, failure is not an option.




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