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InterNACHI Prototype 2018

"Why point when you can play?"


Welcome to the InterNACHI Prototype presentation designed by

our team at Scream House Games LLC.


3D simulations & serious games are fantastic tools to augment your current training curriculum. Studies have shown serious games can increase retention as much as 90% by making learning more fun and exciting. Simulations are successfully utilized in industries that include defense, education, scientific exploration, healthcare and more.


We hope you will enjoy this presentation. We look forward to discussing how InterNACHI and Scream House Games can develop their first

home inspection serious game.


You can be discouraged by failure, or you can learn from it. So go ahead and make mistakes, make all you can. Because, remember that's where you'll find success - on the far side of failure.

Thomas J. Watson, CEO IBM


A serious game will immerse the Trainee into an entertaining educational video game filled with progressively challenging objectives. Similar to InterNACHI's "House of Horrors", a serious game ensures skills development by exposing Trainees to various defects. The Trainees will be able to learn from their own decisions and mistakes in a safe environment without risk to themselves or their clients.

The engagement, motivation and progression of a serious game helps with retention and memorization. By adding gameplay elements to training material, there is an increased incentive to learn and complete tasks.


The general format of our serious sames include reward systems in the form of points, leaderboards, badges and praise for each achievement. Trainees are given positive reinforcement and "hints" to help guide them towards success. Serious games excel at providing immediate feedback through interactive responses, popup explanations and internal analytics. Trainees learn from their mistakes and know the best practice by the end of each level in the game.


Game-based Learning

Infuse game-based principles into your training curriculum. We work independently or closely with your training team to develop a custom serious game for your company.

We specialize in creating realistic looking serious games and simulations for training purposes.

Realistic Simulations

Virtual Reality


Augmented Reality

Take your serious game to the next level by incorporating full immersive virtual reality using in-house 3D models and realistic photogrammetry technology. Way more features and interactivity than a standard 360 video.


Use augmented reality as an overlay of feedback to help direct trainees and warn them of incorrect practices as they walk within the InterNACHI "House of Horrors".




3D simulationS

Our base level product is called a 3D Simulation. You can think of it as a continuation of the InterNACHI "House of Horrors" where trainees encounter all the defects they could find on the job.

Simulations of real world environments are an effective and safe way for Trainees and/or members to practice their new found skills without any risk of personal harm or material damage. By simulating a realistic home inspection, a Trainee will gain substantial knowledge and confidence to use these skills on site. The Trainee will have the option for a private tour by a virtual Master Inspector and learn the correct way to perform an inspection. Trainees and members can also challenge themselves against the clock and themselves wherebye a leaderboard can be implemented to fuel competition. A library of defective properties can be developed to further challenge Trainees and members providing them access to structures that might be difficult to secure in the real world.


Serious Games

The next level up is to expand the simulation into an interactive game called a Serious Game. By adding interactions within the simulation, each mistake will be followed by an explanation to reinforce comprehension. The interaction can include multiple choice questions, puzzles, and mini games as learning tools. The Trainee will receive rewards for each achievement in the form of points and badges. Incorrect responses will trigger a hint to guide the Trainee to discover the corect answer. The answer will be accompanied by a thorough verbal and visual explanation, an effective tool for learning retention.


Serious GameS: Escape RoomS

Serious games come in a variety of forms. Scream House Games utilizes company courseware material and integrates it into an Escape Room game where the trainees need to solve puzzles to progress to the next achievement and ultimately escape within a time limit. These puzzles are lessons that help the trainee understand concepts in a challenging yet entertaining way.



While 3d games are a great training tool, 2D games can be highly effective as well. A 2D word game where trainees compete for the highest score is an ideal candidate for information recall. These challenge questions can be chapter oriented, quiz questions or even samples of the state Home Inspection exam. The main goal is for the trainee to keep playing while learning the correct answers through repetitive gameplay. 

Failure is good. It's fertilizer. Everything I've learned about coaching, I've learned from making mistakes.





Serious Game

How to Inspect HVAC Systems Serious Game

Home Inspection

HVAC inspections within a serious game or simulation can drastically increase Trainee comprehension especially for critical components. HVAC systems can appear complicated but once the Trainee understands how the inner components work, this builds confidence in their inspection ability. A Trainee can work on a variety of HVAC systems rather than 1-2 on-site systems. A library of HVAC systems and components can be developed to provide InterNACHI members with more experience.


Serious Game

How to Perform Residential Electrical Inspections Serious Game

Home Inspection

Electrical inspections can be confusing and overwhelming for new recruits. It is difficult, costly and dangerous to show a Trainee electrical mistakes in the real world. However, simulations provide an ideal way to discover these errors in a controlled and safe environment. Trainees can progress at their own pace gaining confidence in understanding electrical components, wire setups, breakers and panels, in order to successfully apply this knowledge to a safe worksite.


Serious Game

Residential Plumbing Overview for Inspectors Serious Game

Home Inspection

Plumbing inspections can be difficult to master without practical experience. Though on-site training can show the Trainee the correct way to properly install residential plumbing, a serious game  provides scenarios where Trainees can learn about the various internal and external components of a plumbing supply, drainage system, water heater, fixtures and faucets. A library of plumbing components can be used within a serious game or simulation to expose members to more brands and year models.

Understand what you are acquiring and protect it at all costs. You are acquiring people and next-generation products. You are making an investment that together you can grow faster, make more profits, and take more market share.

John T. Chambers, CEO Cisco Systems

Haskell Friedman


Haskell is the CEO of Scream House Games and has been working in the Video Game, VFX, and animation industry for over 20 years. Haskell has worked on projects for clients that include Walt Disney Animation Studios, Sony Imageworks, Universal Studios, and Warner Brothers Studios. Haskell combines his background in the VFX, featured film, video game, and theme park attraction rides with his experience as a Certified Instructor in developing innovative Serious Games.

Our Team

Linda Marenus


Linda brings years of experience as both a University and Secondary Level Educator to Serious Games. Her unique teaching and tutoring style contribute greatly to our training material. Linda has lectured and trained educators about "technology in the classroom". Linda has an impressive resume with a Masters of Science in Chemistry from the University of California, Berkeley.

Greg Mladucky


Greg is a talented Programmer and Game Level Designer. He develops the core game play features as well as building the levels for our Serious Games. Greg has devoted time as an Instructor at GenTech Digital Media & STEM Education Center as well as the Digital Media Center at George Washington University.




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